Restore old note revisions

(Tuan Dinh) #1

I don’t know what happened with my note but suddenly, 1 note in a folder has exactly the same content as another note (whose title has the same first word -), which means I lost the content of my note. (So far as I know, I didn’t copy anything between these notes)
Can you please let me know how to restore my note (it’s important), from server or the backup one ?

  • Platform version: (Sierra/10/16.04)
  • App Version: (3.9.0)


Write the steps for others to reproduce issue here.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Ho Tuan,

Thank you for reporting it.
Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m afraid that there is no way to restore old revisions.
If I could reproduce the problem, I will fix it.

An upcoming update has some resolutions regarding sync so I hope it will fix the problem.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #3

I decided to support restoring old revisions (local only).

(Hoopy Frood) #4

Great! In the meantime

(Takuya Matsuyama) #5

Duplicate of Note version history

(Takuya Matsuyama) #6

Looks nice:

(Takuya Matsuyama) #7

Check out v3.22.0!

(Tuan Dinh) #8

Thank you so much, you guys are so great and proactive.