Restore old note revisions

I don’t know what happened with my note but suddenly, 1 note in a folder has exactly the same content as another note (whose title has the same first word -), which means I lost the content of my note. (So far as I know, I didn’t copy anything between these notes)
Can you please let me know how to restore my note (it’s important), from server or the backup one ?

  • Platform version: (Sierra/10/16.04)
  • App Version: (3.9.0)


Write the steps for others to reproduce issue here.

Ho Tuan,

Thank you for reporting it.
Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m afraid that there is no way to restore old revisions.
If I could reproduce the problem, I will fix it.

An upcoming update has some resolutions regarding sync so I hope it will fix the problem.

I decided to support restoring old revisions (local only).

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Great! In the meantime

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Duplicate of Note version history

Looks nice:


Check out v3.22.0!

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Thank you so much, you guys are so great and proactive.