Resetting the filter does not work

Bug report

If I apply filters several times in a row (by clicking on a tag), the filter is not reset by clicking on the “x”, instead the filter is set to the previous filter.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 11
  • App Version: v5.6.3-beta.0

How to reproduce

  1. click on a tag so that the notes are filtered according to the tag
  2. reset the filter
  3. click on another tag so that the notes are filtered by the tag
  4. reset this filter as well
  5. now the filter should not have been reset, instead it should be set to the previous filter


Hi Lukas,

Okay, the next version will simply clear the search query.
The current behavior is to restore the navigation state to the checkpoint when starting searching.
But it is hard to keep it consistent and not so useful.

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Hey Lukas,

Can you try this patch?

Hi Takuya

I have tested the patch. It works really great.

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Thanks for checking!