Request to make Inkdrop Apple Scriptable

As far as I can see, I am not duplicating a request. Basically, I was wondering if we could get the most basic of support for applescript in the app to support the basic integration with this productivity approach I am trying out? I’ve included two links to resources the provide on how to “prod” app creators into making their app compatible. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


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Hi All, I’m a co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp., which makes the Hook productivity app and mySleepButton.

I’ve tried Inkdrop out. I notice that I can paste markdown links to local files, where the link address uses the the hook:// scheme , e.g., this link [test links.txt](hook://file/eKmoDPXaP?p=bHVjYi9EZXNrdG9w&n=test%20links.txt) to a file on my Desktop. ( this is better than using file:// links, because hook://file links are much more robust; they even work across locally synced cloud shared files, and files checked out from version control systems.) For that matter, I can use Hook to get a link to an OmniFocus task, and paste it into an Inkdrop note, e.g., this task test OmniFocus task. The links work. That means that with Hook, Inkdrop users can already add markdown links from their Inkdrop documents to all kinds of content.

The next step would be for Inkdrop to have an interface for users to (a) automatically get the name and address of a note, and (b) to open a note by URL. (Maybe the latter is already possible).

I’m a cognitive scientists. One of my main areas of interest is note-taking and information navigation (hyper"text"). I’ve argued in Cognitive Productivity books and elsewhere that due to information navigation problems ( the meta-access problem) higher ed students, and even knowledge workers, take fewer notes than they could and should. One of the major uses of Hook is to enable users to create and link notes to just about anything (e.g., PDFs, email, web pages, spreadsheets, etc.). That allows them to take notes about all kinds of stuff that they wouldn’t normally, because without Hook it’s not possible to rapidly navigate between arbitrary content.

For example, with Hook users can link documents and objects (PDFs, email, web pages, spreadsheets, etc.) to Bear notes, nvUltra notes, TaskPaper, etc.

Having discovered Inkdrop, I can see it would be helpful for Inkdrop to be used in this kind of linking. I.e., it would be great to connect Inkdrop documents to anything via Hook.

Hello James and Luc,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Inter-app links would be great to have.
Inkdrop for macOS has already supported it as you may know.
You can copy an URI for the currently opened note from the context menu:

Or you can do it by running core:copy-note-link command.
Then you get an URI like inkdrop://note:ZOMWm8do copied to clipboard.
With it, for example, you can open it from terminal:

> open inkdrop://note:ZOMWm8do

I don’t know why it should support Apple Script.
It sounds complicated to support as it’s not a native macOS app but built with Electron:

You can make a plugin for Hook instead for further automation if you need.
Let me know if I am misunderstanding anything.