Register Inkdrop icon to Simple Icons Project

Hi Takuya,

I’m considering to register the Inkdrop icon to the Simple Icons Project.

This will make it easier to use the icon as svg, and also the icon will be available for badges.

According to the Contribution Guide, we need an icon in svg format and the hex color code of the main color.

I couldn’t find the Inkdrop icon in svg format, so could you give me the file?

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Hi Luke,

Wow, that sounds awesome!
Here you are:


The color code would be: #7A78D7


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It’s been a while since I submitted the PR, but it was finally merged just now.
I’m looking forward to a new version containing this icon!


Cheers! :tada: Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I checked the GitHub page today and found that a new version including the Inkdrop icon had been released 7 days ago.

Inkdrop icon is now available in Simple Icons!:tada:

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