Regional Pricing

Hello, Mr.Takuya! I love your markdown app, its really good but I’ve been thinking about how much more accessible it would be to many of us from third world countries if there was regional pricing. I came across this article where you had mentioned that regional pricing would be great to have once the app has matured, now that it has been well over 5 years and the community has grown to large since then, are there any plans on bringing regional pricing?

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Mr. Sai, I don’t think this might be implemented as depending on the currency he might lose / gain money, and I think its mostly lose than gain, Furthermore there are taxes too, and it might not be really cost-effective to introduce this. Also that “article” you have mentioned about is a comment by someone called Maciej Woźniak and is not an official comment by Takuya himself.

I think you’re misunderstanding, the reason many companies go for regional pricing is because while yes, they will have to charge ppl from other countries(Mostly third word countries) a fair bit lower it will obviously expand their consumer base by a lot, bring in people who would never have bought their product was it not for the regional pricing. Also of course it doesn’t have to be every single country, they can start off with a couple, try it out and maybe expand if it works.

Also my bad, I should’ve mentioned it a bit properly but in that comment, Mr.Takuya himself left a reply regarding regional pricing which was what I was trying to mention.

Hi Sai,

At that time, I thought that was nice to have.
However, it’s too hard and complicated to support regional pricing for such a small business and me alone.
So, that’ll be never planned to be supported.

Thank you for the reply, Mr.Takuya. I completely understand and thanks again for responding!

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Thanks for your understanding!