Readable Line Length - Configurable

Hey there,

Forum is telling me to put this in Issues, but I’m not seeing an obvious “Support” category, so I have it tagged as Help.

I’d love to be able to configure the “readable line length” when it’s turned on. I enjoy the centered nature of the editor when this is turned on, but I’d like it to be a bit longer, even if it breaks “general guidance” regarding line readability.

Thanks as always Takuya!

Aha! I knew if I used the # it would update it. I’ll move this over to “Issues.”

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion. You can change the width by overriding flex-basis via your styles.less like so:

.editor {
  &.limit-max-width {
    &.editor-viewmode-edit .mde {
      flex-basis: 1024px;
    &.editor-viewmode-preview .mde-preview {
      flex-basis: 1024px;

Hope it helps!

Awesome! I’ll give that a shot.