Proxy Problem when synchronizing notes

(Christian Tegethoff) #1

Bug report

When behind a Proxy, my Notes doesn’t get synced.
The Login via Proxy is working, but not the synchronize…
There is no error message


  • Platform: (Windows)
  • Platform version: (10)
  • App Version: (4.0.2)


      http_proxy: ""
      https_proxy: ""

Can't syncing on windows
(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi Christian,

Thank you for reporting it.
That’s weird. Maybe the proxy setting does not work in the app.
I’ll look into it.
As I’m on vacation right now, I will work on it after Jun 19!

(Takuya Matsuyama) #3


v4 uses PouchDB@7.
And from v7, it starts depending on node-fetch and seems like it does not refer HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY.

A workaround would be something like:

var db = new PouchDB('url', {
  fetch: function (url, opts) {
    opts.agent = new HttpsProxyAgent(process.env.HTTP_PROXY);
    return PouchDB.fetch(url, opts);

(Takuya Matsuyama) #4

@Christian_Tegethoff, @yusuke_ohno

Thanks for your patience. I’ve built a patch for this issue. Can you please try it?

If it still doesn’t work, please try running it from Command Prompt so that you can see some error logs.

(yusuke ohno) #5

@craftzdog @Christian_Tegethoff
Thanks Takuya!
And Welcome back!

I tried the uploaded patch on command prompt But error occurred.

And I Logged out inkdrop. and I run patch then not error occurred.
but I logged in inkdrop and i run path then error occurred.

[bugsnag] Loaded!
2019-06-19T05:02:42.348Z app:error error during auto update: Error: Can not find Squirrel
    at AutoUpdater.emitError (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\electron.asar\browser\api\auto-updater\auto-updater-win.js:70:24)
    at AutoUpdater.checkForUpdates (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\electron.asar\browser\api\auto-updater\auto-updater-win.js:41:19)
    at e (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:176704)
    at C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:176789
    at t.default (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:176816)
    at t.default.start (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:59801)
    at (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:55117)
    at App.emit (events.js:187:15)
    at App.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:442:20)
    at App.topLevelDomainCallback (domain.js:121:23)

2019-06-19T05:02:42.373Z app:error Failed to load local database: TypeError: Cannot set property 'fetch' of undefined
    at t.default.initDataSync (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:107692)
    at t.default.loadDatabaseAndSync (C:\Users\y_ono\Downloads\Inkdrop-4.1.0-Windows-patch-1\resources\app.asar\main.js:1:66378)

[bugsnag] Report failed to send窶ヲ
Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
    at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1161:14)
 { Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
    at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1161:14)

  errno: 'ETIMEDOUT',
  code: 'ETIMEDOUT',
  syscall: 'connect',
  address: '',
  port: 443 }

(Takuya Matsuyama) #6

Thank you for checking it out!
Oops that’s my mistake. Hold on.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #7

It should fix that problem:

(yusuke ohno) #8


Thanks Takuya!

I tried pache. It’s working not problem!
I confirmed syncing!

(Takuya Matsuyama) #9

Cool! Thank you for letting me know :smiley:

(Takuya Matsuyama) #10

Fixed in v4.1.0. Thanks for reporting!