Problems with line breaks

I’m not sure if I’m not getting how line break works or if it’s a bug.

According to the documentation and the samples, a single line break should create a new line in the same paragraph. But in my case (Inkdrop for osx) a single line break just does nothing.

This is the example I’m referring:

Here’s a line for us to start with.

This line is separated from the one above by two newlines, so it will be a separate paragraph.

This line is also a separate paragraph, but…
This line is only separated by a single newline, so it’s a separate line in the same paragraph.

In my case, in the preview window the phrase “This line is only separated by a single newline” it’s attached to the “but…” without breaking the line.

Normal? Weird? I’m not getting it right?

Update: I discovered that the single newline is behaviour was deprectated in inkdrop and I installed the breaks plugin; now it works. Just a couple of considerations:

  1. I think tha the documentation needs updating to avoid baffling newcomers like me.
  2. Using the single new-line with the breaks plugin does not work when publishing notes on the web. I think it should.
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Yep, you have to install breaks plugin.
Markdown has many dialects such as line-breaks you mentioned.
Inkdrop basically processes notes as CommonMark whose specification about line-breaks is described here:

A paragraph is consecutive lines of text with one or more blank lines between them.
For a line break, add either a backslash \ or two blank spaces at the end of the line.

I would like to mention about that in the doc.
I understand you don’t like it but it is a personal preference.
Shared notes are rendered as CommonMark.

Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts!

That makes sense, thank you for the clarification.

May I suggest updating the Inkdrop markdown cheatsheet documentation?

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Yes, I appreciate that!