Previous Search History

With the beta version I can see the my previous search history in the notes.

Remove the previous searching you need to turn off the app.

Ah thanks,
Actually I am aware of that, will fix it soon.

Thank you for the report, Erdem!

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Fixed in v4.0.0-beta.2.
Thanks again for reporting.

Hi Takuya,

There is a tiny bug. When you type your word you cannot see any highlight until you click a different notes then automatically change otherwise show previous word. Please check the the record.

Ah that’s better to fix. Thanks!

Fixed in v4.0.0-beta.3.
Thanks again!

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Thanks for improvement Takuya.
Now I do not have to click somewhere to see the words but last word still stick the notes. You cannot remove it and you can see in all you notes.

Ah confirmed, will fix it in the next release.

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Fixed it in v4.0.0-beta.4! Thanks for the report!

Hi Takuya,

I would like to report that the app search history has a tiny bug.
When you type a word or deleting letters the search box is dynamically changing but the problem is when you delete your last letter or when you select all words and delete still stick notes.

Dynamic searching stop when no letters in search box and keeps last things in.


Hi Erdem,

Okay! I will fix it to unload items from the note list and clear the search keyword in the editor when you deleted all words from the search bar.

Hi @craftzdog;

I think some letters has code issue that some keyboards cannot recognise.

Can you have a look please?



That’s because of Porter Stemming Algorithm.
You will get a note including “confusion” with a query “confusing”.
But it can’t infer correct keywords from some incomplete keywords like “confusi”.