Preview not displayed due to error

Bug report

After updating to v5.8.0, most of the pages I have created so far show errors in the preview view.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Sonoma v14.4.1
  • App Version: v5.8.0

How to reproduce

Open any created page and use cmd + e to display a preview

Hi Koki,

Thanks for the report.
I suspect that one of the plugins is causing the issue.
Can you tell me which plugins have you installed and try disabling each one?
After disabling a plugin, you can quickly reload the app from the app menu Developer β†’ Reload.

Thank you for your response.

It seems that the problem was caused by a plugin called alert-area.

I disabled it and now it appears.
I don’t use this plugin now and will uninstall it as is.

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Great! Thanks for letting me know.

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