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FYI, another option would be to subscribe onNoteChange :wink:

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Just a little update, this plugin is now at version 0.4.0.

  • Presentation is updated when you are saving the note (thanks to @jmerle ).
  • On macOS reveal-md is started automatically (optionally you can still start it manually)!
    • Tested with Windows 10 and it did not work with automatic, so user need to use same manual process as before.
  • Instructions updated.
  • Improvement to regexp of speaker notes.

I have few minor changes in mind to add for release v1.0.0. When it is released I start to use semantic versioning.


Just noticed when installed to whole new computer, that newer version was released of the required reveal-md and at least the speaker notes don’t seem to work correctly. Not sure if I can fix it as the feature comes straight from the reveal-md / reveal.js.

As a workaround, if installing to new computer. You should install reveal-md with the latest version before v4, like:

npm install -g reveal-md@3.5.0

I’ll update this info to the README also.