PowerShell and SPL syntax highlighting

Hi there!
I’m currently trying out Inkdrop to potentially replace Joplin and so far liking it a lot.
However, there are few things that can be a dealbreaker for my use case at the moment (revolving around syntax highlighting):

  1. There seems to be an inconsistency in PowerShell highlighting.

    This is how an example note looks like in Inkdrop:

    This is how it looks like in Joplin:

    Is this a (fixable) bug?

  2. Splunk SPL is not highlighted in code block. It is one of the supported languages in highlight.js, but it needs the highlightjs-spl package.
    Can this be added manually, or is there any plan to add this in the near future?


Thank you for the question.
Inkdrop’s syntax highlighting relies on CodeMirror, not highlight.js
Because you can’t get consistent highlighting between the editor and preview.
So, the behaviors are basically intended.
As to SPL, unfortunately CodeMirror doesn’t support it at the moment:


You can create a CodeMirror language mode for SPL and make a plugin to use it in Inkdrop.