Portable install & manual plugin install?


I have some question about Inkdrop :slight_smile:
Is there a portable version ?

I would like to use it for my work but the company administrator told me : i won’t install it… but if you can launch it it’s ok (aka portable version) ?

Another question is about plugin, since i won’t be an administrator and there is a lot of site being block, is there a possibility to manually install a plugin (tried the auto install from the app aint working) ?

Hope there is yes to both my question so i could use it :slight_smile:

Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for the question.
I assume that you are using Windows at the company.
You can use it by downloading the zip archive instead of the installer from the download page.
The app needs permission to access %APPDATA%\inkdrop\ at least so that it can store your note data and can install plugins.
Hope that helps.