Plugin Request - Integrating Grammarly

Love inkdrop - have been using it for a few days now and I really enjoyed it. Personally, I wish I could do grammar checking when writing. Thanks in advance if folks could make it.

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the plugin suggestion.
I personally use Grammarly every day and I love it. So, it sounds cool to have it on Inkdrop.
I tried to integrate it before but couldn’t because Grammarly doesn’t provide official APIs for third parties.
I checked out the VSCode plugin and found that it’s unofficial.
Since Inkdrop is a paid service, I’m afraid that it violates their license.
So, unfortunately, I can’t use it for Inkdrop as an app author.
It’d be still great if someone work on it instead.

Hey there! Recently Grammarly started early access application for their Editor API!
@craftzdog it might be worth a try applying for access within your application?
Once it is granted people would be able to make this plugin a reality!

Here is the link to it:
Grammarly Developers
and here is the direct link to the form:
API application form

I just recently started using Inkdrop so I am not really active on the forums yet! You can reach out to me via the Discord server - Shiroraven#4302

Best of luck with the future of this!
I’ll try reaching out to Grammarly too :slight_smile:

Hi Ivan,

Yeah, I was told it from someone on my Discord server and checked out the API.
It looks like just a thin wrapper for <textarea> and they don’t provide RESTful APIs that allow you to get something like:

  reason: "omit 'So' from the beginning of sentences",
  index: 0, offset: 2
}, {
  reason: "'was stolen' is passive voice",
  index: 11, offset: 10

So, it can’t be integrated with CodeMirror.