Plugin request | Creating a plugin for markmap

Hi everyone
I wonder if someone (community or official) can build a plugin for markmap.

Markmap is a library to visualize Markdown with mindmaps.

Official website

I tried to write it myself so I went to the basic plugin tutorial then visited the other plugins such as mermaid and flowchart plugins but I couldn’t actually understand it as it should be.

Thank you

I have created a markmap plugin, but haven’t been able to publish it to the Inkdrop plugin registry yet.

I’ll update here after it’s posted to the registry.

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Wow, looks cool! Great work, @John_Kelley!

The Markmap plugin is now live!

Please file an Issue on its Github project if anything needs improvement

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Thank @John_Kelley so much
I guess I will read your code to have hands-on creating plugins in the future.

Tested and it’s working well except with MathJax ( MathJax - $x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}$ ) which I’m not going to use or need anyway

well done!

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