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Hello everbody,
I have trouble registering new plugins in Inkdrop. For installation I used ipm as ipm install paste-as-markdown and the package got installed in ~/.config/inkdrop. After restarting Inkdrop the plugin does not show up in the plugins list and the dev console shows no relevant information. It is probably worth mentioning that I used Snap to setup Inkdrop.
Any help is appreciated!


  • Platform: Linux
  • Platform version: Fedora 31/Snap 2.43.3
  • App Version: 4.6.0

Hi Sandro,

Thank you for reporting it.
If you installed Inkdrop by Snap, the ipm command should be /snap/bin/inkdrop.ipm.
I confirmed that it installed plugins as expected via inkdrop.ipm in ~/snap/inkdrop/current/.config/inkdrop/packages/ on Ubuntu 16.04.

I updated the docs as it only mentioned path to user data directory for deb/rpm package.

I guess you installed the both .deb package and the snap app.
To avoid confusion, please uninstall the deb package and try it again.

Hope that helps!

Hi Takuya, thank you for the timely response. My Snap file structure is slightly different, so /snap/bin/ is /var/lib/snapd/snap/bin/ for me. This should not matter though because inkdrop.ipm was on my PATH right from the start. :smiley:

Before I used a different ipm binary that apparently also came with Snap (/var/lib/snapd/snap/inkdrop/current/usr/lib/inkdrop/resources/app/ipm/bin/ipm). Honestly I have no idea what all these files and symlinks do that are scattered over my filesystem by Snap but I am glad I got it working now. I can confirm the packages get installed in ~/snap/inkdrop/current/.config/inkdrop/packages/.

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Yeah, that’s strange that Snap also linked /var/lib/snapd/.../inkdrop/resources/app/ipm/bin/ipm.
I guess you ran this ipm binary outside of the Snap container, so it installed the plugin to ~/.inkdrop just like deb package version.

Good to hear you got it to work!
Cheers :raised_hands:

Exactly this is what went wrong. Thanks again for the help.