Plugin for Sublime Text Keymaps (e.g., Move line(s) up/down)

I’d love the ability to move a line, or multiple highlighted lines up or down with a keyboard shortcut, like Alt + Up/Down. Many code editors have this feature, and it’s a great help even in markdown, when reordering a list or segments of documentation.

Thanks, I’m enjoying Inkdrop very much!


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the suggestion. I guess line-swap feature is from Sublime Text.
The internal editor called CodeMirror has an addon for it, so I’ll consider to support it in the future.


I could not find this topic because I searched by “move-line-down” or “move-line-up” of atom editor.
So I left on record :eyes:

Is it that this feature is not yet implemented?
I hope this feature too.

Not yet.
I see some people like the Sublime Text keybindings.
There is no ETA though I’ll plan to support it.
Thanks for letting me know that.

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Sublime keybinding plugin is available now:

But it’s not tested well, please create an issue on the repository or PR will be appreciated.

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I like this very much.

I was surprised that bookmarks worked.

Unfortunately it was not indicated where is bookmarked.
Is it enable to indicate where is bookmarked or add class to tweak by styles.less?

Hi Masayuki,

Thank you for the question.
The sublime keybindings are based on CodeMirror’s sublime plugin and it looks like not supporting indicating bookmarked lines.
PR would be appreciated.

Thank you for your answer.

I was understand the range of control by you.

The body of CodeMirror is not supporting indicating bookmarked lines, It is need to PR CodeMirror to support them.

Is my understanding correct?

Or, you can send a PR to the Inkdrop plugin directly. Either is fine.

Thank you for doing this. New to Inkdrop - really like it - but this is what I was missing desperately. Thanks again. Makes moving around a notebook much much easier