Pipe character in a table field

Bug report

I’m trying to copy the table that is shown in the page https://nmap.org/book/scan-methods-ip-protocol-scan.html and the output of the nmap command shows the value open|filtered, however, when trying to add the value like that in the table, it just causes for the first tick and word to appear and the rest is not displayed.

I understand that it’s caused by the pipe character, I thought that adding it within a code block would have avoided the situation, but that’s not the case.

Wondering if this might be an issue with the interpretation in Inkdrop or just Markdown in general.


  • Platform: Linux
  • Platform version: Arch
  • App Version: 5.2.1


In a note, add the following text

| Probe Response | Assigned State |
| ------- | ------- |
| Any response in any protocol from target host | `open` (for protocol used by response, not necessarily probe protocol) |
| ICMP protocol unreachable error (type 3, code 2) | `closed` |
| Other ICMP unreachable errors (type 3, code 1, 3, 9, 10, or 13) | `filtered` (though they prove ICMP is open if sent from the target machine) |
| No response received (even after retransmissions) | `open|filtered` |

The expected output (taken from https://parsedown.org/demo with the text above)

The current output

Adding a backslash before the pipe causes for the output to be displayed as

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the report.
It looks like a bug in the markdown parser.
I’m using remark to render markdown. I’ll look into it and report it if it’s not solved yet.