Permission to use app name and icon for Raycast Extension

Hi Takuya

I am developing Raycast extension for controlling Inkdrop.
(like Alfred’s workflow)

screenshots (under development)

So, I would like to use the word “Inkdrop” and its app icon for this extention. Could you please give me the permission? If you are OK, I would like to have the following items.

  • 512x512px png format app icon (ref. Prepare an Extension for Store - Raycast API)
  • trademark notice text (like Inkdrop wordmark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Takuya Matsuyama.)
    • I will put this kind of text in the README as a credit

Thanks and Regards

Hi Takeshi-san,

Wowww that looks sooooo cool!!
Sure, of course. No problem.

Let me know when you publish it!

Thank you very much!!
Yeah, I will let you know when it becomes available.
(maybe within a week)


Add inkdrop extension by yaeda · Pull Request #2134 · raycast/extensions

The PR has already been submitted but has not yet been reviewed.
I’ll notify you when it is merged.

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Can’t wait😆

yaeda/inkdrop - Raycast Store

Thank you for your support.

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Congrats🥳 Much appreciated, Yaeda-san!!