PDF link's break the window it's openend in

Bug report

PDF file links break the window of the application. Makes the main window go dark when using new windows they go white.


  • Platform: (Probably all)
  • App Version: (3.20.1)


Add a PDF file to your note using this (soon to be deprecated) path format:

Click on it. And it does ask if you want to save it. Which is something. I’d rather see it open the file in it’s default application. But it screws up the active window. What I do now is use 'Middle Mouse btn or CTRL + Mouse btn 1 to open it in a new window that gets screwed up but then the main window remains in tact.

Hi Sceptic,

Thank you for the report.
That’s because the URI is currently considered as invalid in the app.
I’ll work on supporting file:// protocol and the app will open a link with it in an external browser/app.



v3.20.2 supports file protocol. Could you check if it works as expected? Thanks!

Thanks for all the effort on the new update! I finally don’t have to kill the processes anymore great stuff!

The file protocol however is still not as expected sadly, the file://C:/file.pdf URL does work when you middle mouse button click it but still it just opens a blank Inkdrop window and a save dialog for the file and does not open or give you a option to open the file. When you do a regular left mouse click on the link nothing actually happens.

The old //C:/file.pdf url breaks the active Window on left mouse click and opens a save dialog, I know that this URL type is not supported but it should not destroy Inkdrop right? Middle mouse button still gives a save dialog and a extra Inkdrop window.

Also I would love it if the space symbol could be supported? Now I have to replace all my spaces in another editor with %20. Also when typing %2 in the editor inside a url the Markdown renderer crashes in the preview window. With the

URIError: URI malformed

error. It’s very distracting to see a flashing error page as your typing. :slight_smile:

Also I would love to just drag a file to Inkdrop instead of typing/copy/pasting out the whole path of the file manually. Like you can do with images.


Thank you for the report. Glad that the app quits immediately on your environment.

The problem is that Inkdrop is not designed for treating local files.
It syncs across devices and operating systems.
Local file paths won’t be available on other devices/machines.
So the app expects that your pdf files should be available on network via HTTP(s).

I added file protocol support but it is a supplementary feature.
It seems that Electron’s API shell.openExternal(url) doesn’t support to open urls like file://C:/file.pdf on Windows. It worked on macOS by the way.
And mouse middle button is not implemented.

Supporting space symbol breaks URI standard. So I’m afraid to say no.

I’m afraid that since regular file attachments will never be supported, if you wish to link files to a note, please use a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Honestly, it is hard to support features that I don’t use because I’m alone developer.
To keep the app simple and stable, I discourage linking local files to your notes.

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