PDF Export with Preview Theme Styling


  • Platform: (Windows)
  • Platform version: (Windows 10)
  • App Version: (3.9.0)


I really appreciate the ability to export notes to PDF in case I want to print them or share them with someone who isn’t familiar with Markdown. However, when using the Colorfi Preview Theme, I noticed the styling doesn’t carry over to the exported PDF.

When I export to HTML, it doesn’t look like there is a reference to the Colorfi theme in the <head> tag. I assume the app currently utilizes the built-in GitHub stylesheet when generating the PDF?

Does anyone have any workarounds for this? Perhaps, I should use my IDE to manually replace all the style tags with a stylesheet of my choice, save the HTML file, and then print it from my browser?

Hi @audiosyncrasy,

Thank you for your question.
As you guess, the default preview theme is used when you export a note as HTML and PDF.
It’d be great to respect current setting of the preview theme for exporting notes.
I’ll plan to support it!


Now v3.20.1 supports exporting note with preview theme styling!
Thanks again for the report!

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I just tested this out with the latest version, and the generated PDF file looks great! Thanks, so much, @craftzdog!

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