Payment Failures due to RBI regulations

Bug report

I have tried paying from multiple cards but my payments are always declined. I also tried to re-enable the international usage but still I am not able to pay for the monthly subscription. I am your great fan @craftzdog and I love your app and also have a lot of notes already jotted on inkdrop. Please guide me how to pay.


  • Platform: macOs M1 air
  • Platform version: macOS Ventura 13.4.1
  • App Version: Latest

Hi Reedam,

Thanks for the report.
For RBI regulations, I’ve already followed this guide on Stripe:

I’m afraid that there is nothing I can do if your bank still declines your payments, unfortunately.

However, it looks like you succeeded to pay for the monthly subscription through 3D secure authentication. Congrats!
Do you know why it succeeded?

Thank you for your support, Reedam!

Hi Takuya, Thankyou for replying !
I literally have no clue how it happened. I was trying to pay 2 days prior to the end of trial period It was always getting declined, I even created an account on stripe and tried to add my bank account. One fine morning out of those n number of try’s finally something good happened and the payment succeeded !!!
Anyways this was how it happened in my case. Keep up the good work !

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Thanks for the explanation. Hmm, it sounds so complicated – but anyway, I’m glad it worked. Thanks again and have a nice day.