Outline view

Hi, Craftzdog.
Can I see the tree of headers of the note on inkdrop?
If no, I think it’s a good feature for make it easy to reach a certain topic, although you can search certain words of phrases on the notes.

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  • Platform: (macOS)
  • Platform version: (Catalina/10.15.2)
  • App Version: (4.5.0)


Thank you for the suggestion.
The outline feature is nice to be a plugin.
Basically I don’t write long notes that need it.
So I personally don’t need it at the moment.
But I would be happy to help you if you make a plugin for it.

Related plugins that would be helpful to look over your notes:

HI, Takuya

Thanks for the answer.

I’d love to make the plugin if I could.
I’ve just started learning programming, so I’ll think about it.
Hopefully, I’ll make one in near future.

I think I’ll need to ask you for help then.

Thank you,


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To people who are searching for outline view:
The community created a plugin that provides the exact feature: