Option–Left/Right Arrow in Japanese Not Working as Expected

Do you have any plans for supporting “Option+Left/Right Arrow” on wordings?
According to Mac keyboard shortcuts, they allow us to “Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word/the end of the next word”.

I would be so glad if you will make a plan for having this feature on Inkdrop app. Thank you.

Hi Kazuki-san,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I guess it is the default behavior of the Inkdrop’s editor.
I confirmed it behaves the same way both on the app and macOS Notes app.
So I don’t understand what behavior you exactly want.
You can check available editor commands here:

Perhaps editor:go-word-left and editor:go-word-right commands would be what you want, and those are associated with Alt-Left and Alt-Right by default.

Hi Takuya san.

Thank you for quick reply. And sorry for missing the document, I didn’t know about that.

I’ve noticed what you mentioned works well on, for example, URL strings actually.
But what I wanted to mention was wordings mixed with 2 languages. Especially, Japanese and English to me.
I think the app doesn’t support non-English spell checker. I guess if it’s done to implement, it would work like what I hope. Do you think it’s correct?

Thank you.

Thanks for the explanation, Kazuki-san. You are right.
Inkdrop’s editor is built with CodeMirror, which basically does not treat Japanese words as you expect.
That’s because CodeMirror tries to find a non-word character when it moves cursor to the next beginning of the word. In languages like English, it is obvious as you can test that with a regexp like /[^\w]/. However, in Japanese, it does not work.
So it is by design and seems hard to change in terms of implementation, unfortunately.

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