Open in External Editor (i.e. vscode)

Inkdrop markdown editor is great, though I sometimes want something more powerful temporarily when I’m editing a complex document.

My dream developer oriented feature would be a keyboard shortcut that quickly pops open the note I’m currently editing in the system EDITOR (similar to a git commit from command line) and then saves it back to Inkdrop as soon as the editor is closed.

Hi Jacques,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand your itch though, I’m afraid that editing notes in external editor would be out of scope for the app.
But you can create a plugin for it :slight_smile:

@Jacques_Crocker A bit late now, but had the same thought and quickly wrote a simple plugin for that: open-in-external-editor.
Currently the note is updated in the inkdrop editor view after you close the external editor, however inkdrop does not save it automatically. (I filed a bug already)
You can solve that by just typing any character and removing them again in the inkdrop editor. That way inkdrop detects that the note has changed and auto saves it.