Offline network status is not properly displayed on the mobile app

I have a question.

Bug report

I am using Inkdrop in a wifi environment on a Macbook Air (M2) and ipadAir.
I also use the Inkdrop sync server for synchronization.

When I sync with no Internet connection on the Mac version of Inkdrop,
[Offline] is displayed, but on the iPad version, the date and time when the refresh button is pressed is displayed.
Of course, since there is no Internet connection, the data is not updated.
Is this a bug?
If this is the case, is there any way to know that the update failed?


  • Platform: MacOS,iOS
  • Platform version: MacBook Air M2,iPad Air (5)
  • App Version: Latest

How to reproduce

Press the sync button on an iPad that is not connected to the Internet.

Hi Yuu,

Thanks for the question. That’s correct.
The mobile app currently does not display the offline network state.
It will be supported in the next release!