Numbered list extended functionality with sub lists

  • Useful if a newline plus <tab> in a numbered list automatically starts off a lettered or dash (-) sublist e.g:
  1. Main
    a. Sub 1
    b. Sub 2
  • In addition to above, once you press <return> after after the first item in a list, the next number is incremented and added, which is very convenient. But if you increment and type a sub / indented text, the numbering stops and you need to manually type the number to continue. E.g.
  1. Main
    • Sub 1
  2. ← [typed manually]

In summary, lists could have some of the auto format features of e.g. word for convenience.

Yeah agree, that sounds useful.
However, it is so complicated to support as Markdown also supports nested quotes like > > 1..
So, it has to process lists based on MDAST instead of regexes. But that’d take time to accomplish.

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As I note, I’ve been able to hack this in and have it export correctly, but I can’t remember my exact keystroke order to get there. It’s also not perfect as the nested sub list does not indent on word wrap as expected, but it is fine enough for me to export to people who are used to Word documents.

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