Notes auto-cleanup


(Jan Thomä) #1

I take throwaway notes quite a lot and I have to manually go through them from time to time to clean them up. I would like to suggest something like an expiration date for notes. So I could say “this note expires in 2 weeks”. When you set it, the note will automatically be put into the trash bin when the date has passed. Also there could be an auto-cleanup for the trash bin, e.g. notes in the trash would be automatically deleted once they have been there for lets say over 30 days. This way I can just set an expiration date and do not have to clean up old notes manually. Notes without an expiration date would be unaffected by all this.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi derkork,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Auto-cleanup for trashed notes and expiration date for notes would be nice to have.
However I guess those features are based on your personal preference.
Because I would focus on improving the core features rather than adding more features, those would be nice to be plugins.

(Jan Thomä) #3

That makes sense, thank you. Maybe I find the time to write such a plugin :slight_smile: