Notebooks not showing up and app freezes after awhile

Bug report


  • Platform: Ubuntu
  • Platform version: 20.04
  • App Version: Latest Version

How to reproduce

I am facing 2 issues:

  1. I don’t see all of my notebooks only 1 of them when the app starts, and I can’t navigate to the rest of them. (no idea how to reproduce, it started after awhile)

  2. On Ubuntu, after I open the app and leave it open for 5-10 mins. It freezes when I go back to the app. This doesn’t happen if I am constantly using it.


Thanks for the report.
That’s weird. Does it randomly happen?
Does it happen on other platforms?
Can you see errors in the developer console?
Are you sure you are using v5.5.1?
Have you added a huge note recently?
Does the note list display as expected?
Is the backup path correctly set?


It happens consistently, I was using the latest version. I happened to have reinstalled Ubuntu yesterday and when I tried the app again just now, it was working perfectly again. I have no idea as to the root cause but I can’t reproduce it anymore.

Just to answer all of the questions:

  1. Not randomly, consistently.
  2. I only have it on my iPhone and it doesn’t have the same issue.
  3. Don’t think I saw any errors in dev console.
  4. I was using the latest, I did check for updates. So it should be v5.5.1.
  5. I didn’t add any huge notes, I don’t think I even added a new note before it happened.
  6. The notes list did not display as expected.

Thanks for the information. I suspect that it has something to do with GPU or things like that.
If you get the issue again, please try running the app with --disable-gpu-sandbox option.
Hope that helps.