Notebooks different fold/unfold arrow size

Bug report

The fold/unfold arrows for notebooks are often the wrong and different sizes, this also means that the notebook titles are sometimes indented a different amount, see the picture below.

I initially thought this was only an issue for doubly nested notebooks, but I have since discovered that this is an issue for all notebooks with names too large to be shown.


  • Platform: Windows 10
  • Platform version: version 21H1 build 19043.1023
  • App Version: 5.3.0


  1. Create a notebook with a short name
  2. See the fold/unfold arrow be normal size
  3. Create a notebook with a name a little too long to all be shown
  4. See the fold/unfold arrow be a bit smaller than the normal one
  5. Create a notebook with the longest possible name
  6. See the fold/unfold arrow be even smaller
  7. Hover over the three notebooks to see the title and arrow move strangely

Hi Magnus,

Thank you for reporting.
Oops, that’s a bug! Will fix it.

Fixed in v5.3.1 :tada: (Changelog)
Thanks again for the report!