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@craftzdog It would be nice to have such feature:

@anon4357936 me the biggest feature I would like to see is a snapshot or history of all notes through time. If I delete a note and change my mind, I can recover it. If within a note I want to revert back to what it was previously, I can backtrack through my changes.

I have the same reasons. Sometimes accidentally I delete content of note or just see the history (eg. gym progress). For me it was very useful feature in Simplenote.

@craftzdog Note change history is nice to have, but in my experience with Evernote, I guess it will be not so often used despite the fact that it would be a hard work to implement it.
When it comes to the implementation, Inkdrop actually has already the change history in its local storage. It means that it’s possible to track back document revisions without changing data models. But there is a problem that old revisions won’t be synced via network by design of CouchDB.
I need to know how many people want it in order to understand how important it is for users.

So as I understand it will be difficult to implement history version over CouchDB, but how big deal is to get even changes from local storage (maybe plugin)? In the last resort I can get version history from Dropbox.

What do you think about it?

Inkdrop’s local database is based on PouchDB and it supports fetching revision history with revs option:
So you can make a plugin using this to track back old versions.

At the moment I’m not going to plan to support version history, because as one of Evernote Premium user, I have never used this feature.
I don’t feel like adding features that I won’t use because they will be unstable and would make the codebase difficult to keep simple and clean.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I wrote a plugin that lets you access your note history. It is very basic and only intended to recover old revisions in case you have overwritten your note content. I have not published it yet, but you can find it on GitHub. Feel free to fork or use the code otherwise!

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Wow, that’s awesome!!

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Restoring old revisions is now supported from v3.22.0. Thanks!