Note title obscured by window buttons

Bug report

Any note does not properly position the title of the note in the title bar to the right of the close, minimize and maximize red, yellow and green buttons in the upper left-hand corner of the window (with locale for a left-to-right orientation). See screenshot.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: 12.5
  • App Version: 5.5.1

How to reproduce

  • create any note, with category sidebar and note summary sidebar visible; observe that the title is not obscured
  • hit Command-D to close category sidebar and note summary sidebar; observe that the title is now obscured as shown in the attached screenshot

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the report.
Looks like you are using a custom theme by the community.
Does it happen with the default themes?

Good call. I was able to toggle this by switching from “Inkdrop VS Code Dark Theme” and back. That theme cause the issue, and has multiple windowing issues. I will file a big report with them.

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Hope it will be solved!