Note conflict stops syncing between devices

Bug report

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I have following issue: I edited a note on my computer and synced it. A while later I opened Inkdrop on my smartphone while I had no internet connection (so the updated note was not synced) and edited the same (un-updated) note. When my smartphone connected to the internet again it didn’t sync any notes anymore. It still says syncing and then shows “Synced at xxxx” but on my laptop it doesn’t show the changes I did on my phone. Same happens when make changes on my laptop. They don’t get synced to my phone.

Additionally I uninstalled inkdrop on my phone and then reinstalled it in the hope this would fix the problem. But after logging in again the phone app now shows “no notes”. Luckily on my computer all notes are still there. Not sure whats going on…


  • Platform: Ubuntu/Android
  • Platform version: 18.04 / 8
  • App Version: 3.20.1


Edit a note on your computer and sync it, while your smartphone is in airplane mode (or has not internet connection). Then edit the same note on your smartphone (still in airplane mode). Go back to the notes list where your edited note should be at the top now then close the app. Deactivate airplane mode and sync notes.

It’s under maintenance now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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The servers are being upgraded now.

Ahhh cool, thx!
Sorry didn’t realise!

It’s up now. Thank you for your patience. Could you please check if it works correctly?

Yep works like a charm again :+1:
Thanks :grinning: