No Share Sheet, no way to print or share other than link?

The latest roadmap I can find is vol.5 from Oct. 2020, which talks about coming improvements to the mobile apps.

I’m just trying out the app on various platforms in May (almost June) 2022, and in the iOS mobile app there appears to be no Share Sheet implementation and no other way to share notes other than the two built in link options, and of course without the Share Sheet there is no way to physically print a note.

Or am I missing something? I’ve looked all over the iOS app interface for some way to send notes to another app, create a PDF or print the note. I can’t find anything.

Wanted something cross platform to replace Apple Notes, and this was looking like the most polished alternative, but Notes has a Share Sheet button full of options to save to various locations and cloud services, send to email, print, send to other apps, etc.

Is there any kind of timeline for adding equivalent features to iOS/mobile?

Hi Rando,

It’s not supported in the current version.
I’m currently working on rebuilding the mobile app. I can’t promise any ETAs.