No notes on mobile

Bug report

When I open the app it says “No notes” but I have lots of them. They are appearing only if I search something. But if I clicked something from the menu, let’s say a notebook, “No notes” is appearing.


  • Platform: iOS
  • Platform version: 16.5
  • App Version: v5.0.0 (108)

How to reproduce

  • Open the app
  • All Notes selected should be default
  • No notes image in the menu

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the report.
That is weird.
Can you please tell me if you are able to reproduce it when reinstalling the app?

I’ve upgraded React Native (0.71.8) and the internal SQLite module. Can you please try it?

  1. Log out
  2. Uninstall the app
  3. Install the beta version via TestFlight
  4. Log in

Hi @craftzdog! I reinstalled the app and for a brief moment I could see my notes, but then when i completely closed it and open again, the same bug appears. With the testflight version is the same. Apparently, this bug appears when I close the up completely (sliding up in iOS).
Also, it happens when I select other notebooks, let’s say that I’m in all notes that has 1850 notes and I go to my inbox which has 2 notes, it keeps showing the 1850 notes. Only when I go to worskpace view in my inbox it show my 2 notes. Pretty weird!
Let me know if you need more info to reproduce.

Thanks for the update.
I have 1000+ notes but I can’t reproduce it at the moment.
It sounds like it is something to do with PouchDB but I’m not sure where it is stuck loading.
I DMed a test account. Could you try reproducing the issue on this account so I can look into it?
Sorry for the inconvenience. It is hard to solve such an account-dependent issue :joy:

UPDATE: Juan reported that it is working as expected now for some reason.

We will investigate if it happens again.