No css after uninstalling current theme

Bug report

Hey, I started to use Inkdrop just a few days ago and haven’t had any chance to play around with it yet.
So, I just wanted to try some Themes to find one to my liking, but as I uninstalled a Theme (the one i were using) all the css got lost. App looked like basic html with no css (see screenshot below)

I am not quite sure if this Bug is already know, but I could not find anythink similar.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: 12.2.1
  • App Version: latest

How to reproduce

Install and select a custom Theme, then uninstall while custom Theme still selected

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the report.
Yeah, that looks like a bug.
When uninstalling the currently active theme, it should fallback to the default theme.