No app launch icon for Windows

Hi all,

I have just installed InkDrop and encountered an issue that I cannot resolve by checking the Troubleshooting or Googling.

I installed Inkdrop on Windows, but there is no launch icon for it.

Problem Description

I simply installed Inkdrop from the Setup file that I downloaded. (I used the recommended downloader.)

The setup file automatically executed the launcher, which installed InkDrop and allowed me to sign-in.

However, when I close InkDrop and decide to launch it again, I could not find the launcher anywhere. There is no Desktop icon, and the Windows Search could not find it either.

Instead, I had to use the “Everything” app in order to search for the .exe. It was located in C:\Users<User>/AppData\Local\inkdrop\Inkdrop.exe

Now, every time, I have to launch it from here, which is quite a hassle. Is there a fix for this?

Hope that the above details are helpful with debugging the issue. Feel free to let me know if I should be sharing any other details as well :slight_smile:

Wonderful product overall!

Kind regards,


  • Platform: Windows

  • Platform version:

  • App Version: 5.5.3

Hi Uzair,

Thanks for the report and question.
Looks like the app failed to create a desktop shortcut during the installation for some reason.
You can manually create a shortcut to C:\Users<User>/AppData\Local\inkdrop\Inkdrop.exe by following steps:

Hope that helps.