New designs of user manual and API docs are now available πŸ€“

I’m excited to announce that Inkdrop has new designs for the user manual and API docs :tada:

User manual

The new design looks like a game guide, haha :sunglasses:
I wanted to make it super duper friendly for beginners as reading manuals is basically boring.
I used Midjourney to create some thumbnails for pages to motivate people a bit to read them.
It looks unusual for such a note-taking app, but why not?
You can find Inu-san (a mascot dog) in some images, which are additionally drawn by hand.
Hope you like it!

New series: Start guide

There is a new category called β€˜New to Inkdrop’, which is a start guide, especially for beginners.
It will guide you on how to install Inkdrop, how to take notes in Markdown, and how to effectively organize notes.
I’m planning to add more pages in this category.
For example, you would find it interesting to read this guide, which is about β€˜Issue-driven tech note-taking’ :nerd_face: Please check out!

Comment forms

It is not finished but there is a comment form on each page so that people can quickly find where to ask questions while learning how to use Inkdrop, something like this:

API documentation

I also worked hard to improve the API docs.
Now the design and structure are easy to understand and have more examples.

Thanks @Lukas and MayuBen1027 for helping me build the website!

Please let me know if you find any broken links or issues :pray:
Thank you again for your support as always :heart:
I’ll keep making the app developer-friendly!