Need help updating plugin

Hey Takuya,

Trying to update my two plugins to support v4 but got some issues:


The change is really simple. But I got this error when I try to publish the change:

$ ipm publish patch
Preparing and tagging a new version ✓
Pushing v1.0.2 tag ✓
Publishing img-small@v1.0.2 ✗
Creating new version failed: You don't have access to that package


This is more complicated. I made the editor.codeMirror to change as suggested, but getting this error:

Type Error: global.inkdrop.on is not a function

Help please, thanks a lot!

Hi Samantha,

Great to know that you are trying to update your plugins!


ipm now uses credentials from Inkdrop’s keychain instead of API keys.
Did you log in to inkdrop on a computer where you run ipm?
If so, can you please tell me your platform?


I added a section for that!

You can call it instead like so:



This is a bug which resides on the API server. Will fix it!

Creating new version failed: You don't have access to that package

It was a wrong HTTP header issue.
Can you please try ipm of this patch?


Thanks Takuya! The img-small plugin is published!

However, the code fold isn’t working correctly yet.

I made this commit:

And looks like cm is getting the correct setting:


But it’s not taking effect.

Can you help check it out? Thanks!

Great! :raised_hands:

I checked code-fold out and found that it works fine.


Maybe you are loading the old version?

lol worse–I was testing on a note that has bullet points but not # titles :joy: problem solved and published. Thanks Takuya!

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haha, you’re welcome! Congrats :tada: