Need collapsible headings and Zoom into a heading functionality


I understand, the developer doesn’t like to mess with common mark compatibility by adding hyped features as in other modern tools. But there are certain things that can improve the productivity without compromising on the markdown compatibility such as

  1. collapsible headings,
  2. go to next heading of same level
  3. go to next subheading.
  4. zoom into a heading
  5. expand/collapse all heading.
  6. expand/collapse all subheadings
  7. go to parent heading
  8. cut a heading and its contents, paste it in some other place
  9. move a heading and its contents up or below another heading of the same level

I have picked these habits from emacs (org mode).
Most importantly, these should be doable via keyboards using keybindings. The above mentioned functionalities will enable me to write very long novel like things within Inkdrop. This might also attract writers who prefer writing in markdown

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Maybe these plugins would be useful for your workflow:

I agree that those navigations are helpful to write longer notes.
I’ll consider adding more keybindings for them.

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