Natural sort order of note & notebooks

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional behavior, but in short I would very much like if numbers in notes and notebooks titles would be sorted numerically. In short natural sort for the notebook and notes names.

I use notebooks and notes to sort time-based notes, for example I have notebooks names “week 1”, “week 2” … “week 10”. Normally I would expect them to be ordered as listed above, but Inkdrop sorts it alphabetically which means the order is “week 1”, “week 10”, “week 2” and this means the order is quite confusing. This also applies to notes where I for example sort book chapters, meaning the notes for later chapters ends up being sorted before earlier chapters if sorted A->Z.
I’d normally assume that natural sort order would be used so the following elements would be sorted in this order “1, 1.1, 2, 10” just as it would in your computer filesystem. As a fix for now I simply use “01” instead of “1” but proper natural sort order would be nice.

I assume that the reason the sort order is the way it is, is because the sorting function converts the full notebook or note name to a string and then sorts it in alphabetical order. I don’t know if there is an easy replacement function to use for natural sorting order.

Hi Magnus,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yes, you are right. That’s the intended behavior as Inkdrop treats titles and names as strings by design.
As there are no naming rules for notes or notebooks, it’s impossible to know “week 1” is numeric.
There are many possible formats like “week 1/10”, “week #1”, or “week-1”.
So, as you said, you have to use “01” instead.