Multiple identical tags

It is possible to give multiple tags that are exactly the same in a note tag. This has caused multiple identical tags to appear in the tag tree.

Because I unintentionally created multiple identical tags, the categorization of the notes was divided and I did not get the expected search results.

When I entered the condition tag:hoge in the search bar, it only returned results for a single hoge tag.



  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10 pro 2004 build 19041.746
  • App Version: 5.2.1


Entering tags in notes.
Continue typing the same spelling of the tag without using suggestions and enter.

Hi Avis,

Thank you for reporting it.
Ah, that seems to be a bug, where the tag input should prevent adding more than one tags with the same name.

Fixed in v5.3.0-beta.1 just now :raised_hands:

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It’s now available in v5.3.0🎉 Thanks again for the report. Credited here:

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