Multiple cursors bug

Bug report

selection of text using keyboard produces unexpected results.
multiple cursors


  • Platform: (Ubuntu)
  • Platform version: (16.04)
  • App Version: (3.22.4)


get a paragraph of text and put the cursor in there.
now hold shift (to highlight characters) and also hold ctrl (to move the cursor between words)
while holding ctrl + shift, press arrow left and right - this works as expected, highlighting words, nice.
now try pressing arrow up/down and then left or right - now you have multiple cursors on multiple lines and now the editor does strange things eg. if you type a letter it appears all over the place.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for reporting it.
It is not a bug. The behavior is same as Sublime Text.
Shift + Ctrl + Arrow Up/Down is assigned for making another cursor above/below the current line.

wow ok. thanks for that, I guess I am just used to jetbrains phpstorm…