More comfort when switching synchronization options

Hi, before I start, I am aware that Advanced Sync, i.e. syncing with your own CouchDb server, is only used by a few people, so it has a low priority. However, I would still be glad to see these features implemented.

  1. Since I occasionally switch between two CouchDb instances it would be helpful if there is a history of CouchDb servers. By this I mean that for example when you click into the input field for the address of the server, in addition to the input option a dropdown appears, in which a history of servers is listed.
  2. As already mentioned, I occasionally switch between CouchDb instances. When switching between two CouchDb instances, or even between sync options (Dont Sync, Inkdrop Sync Server, Advanced), all notes that were on the server before the switch are copied to the second one. I would like to see a prompt when switching between these options or CouchDb instances, a popup or something like that, where you can choose if the current notes should be copied to the new sync option or not.
    If you currently switch from e.g. the Inkdrop Sync Server to your own CouchDb instance, all notes and notebooks are always copied to your own CouchDb instance, which is quite annoying if you use it for different purposes with different notes. (Again, I understand that this is not the “normal” use of Inkdrop)


Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the suggestion. As you understand, that’s so advanced.
The custom CouchDB sync option is just for those who don’t trust the Inkdrop server.
It isn’t designed to be switched between multiple custom databases from time to time.
So, I’m afraid that it is not going to be supported.