Mobile v5 icon looks like an icon in an icon

Bug report

The icon now looks like an icon inside an icon. The same bug happened with V5 beta but I assumed it was intended so I didn’t report it.

First i thought maybe some Android setting was messing with the icon style but I have tried all possible settings with same results.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: 12
  • App Version: 5.0.0

How to reproduce

  1. Look at the app icon

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the report.
That looks strange. Does it look the same on the home screen?

I’ve re-generated the app icon using Image Asset Studio. Can you try build 76 on the open testing track here?

It did look the same on the home screen, and everywhere else for that matter.

The new build (76) fixed it!

Cool. Thanks for checking it! I’ll roll it out soon.