[Mobile Beta V5 (22)] - Pasting link from some apps doesn't work

Bug report

Pasting a link from the apps “Mastodon” or “Overcast” or “Apple Maps” (and possibly other apps) doesn’t work. I previously reported that pasting links from the browser didn’t work, and it has been fixed, it still works perfectly! But when copying a link from the Mastodon or Overcast or Maps apps, it doesn’t paste it into Inkdrop. Copying from some apps works, from others it doesn’t.


  • Platform: iOS
  • Platform version: 16.3.1
  • App Version: Beta 5.0.0 (22)

How to reproduce

Just paste a link from different third party apps. I tested a few apps and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. See video for an example with Mastodon:


Hi F_M,

Thanks for the report. That’s strange. I guess those apps copy URLs not as text/plain or text/url-list.
I’ll look into it.

It should be fixed in build 23!


yes it works now, thanks!

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