Missing System's Window frame

Hi @craftzdog

In the last version 5.4.1, the native/system window frame has been removed. With removing the native window frame I’m no longer having the control I was previously had on the windows.

Some features that the native window frame offers

  • Keep windows on top of all other windows
  • Application menu (sandwich icon)
  • Show the window on all desktops
  • Start the application with a specific window size
  • Start the application at a specific location


I really hope if there is an option to disable/enable this new feature (native window frame) as of keeping inkdrop window on top of all other windows is important and used all the time


  • Platform: Ubuntu/iOS/Android
  • Platform version: 21.04
  • App Version: 5.4.1

Hi King,

You are right. It loses some native window features for the sake of design.
I’m not planning to have an option to disable the frameless window at the moment, because it makes the app complicated to maintain.
Regarding the feature that you often use – the always-on-top feature, you can accomplish it with the following code in init.js:

inkdrop.onAppReady(() => {

Hope that helps!

EDIT: Published a plugin for that:


Hi @craftzdog
Thank you for your swift response.
The plugin solves the issue.

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While I like the new UI, I also miss the window title bar on my Linux (PopOS) laptop. I use workspaces all the time and I set Inkdrop “Always on Visible Workspace”. Is is possible to have a plugin for it?