Migrating my notes from notion

I would like to know what is the best possible way to import my notes from notion to my inkdrop. I read that one of the user created a plugins, but apparently that plugin is no more functional.
I would appreciate if I could get some guidance on my request.
Thanks for you amazing piece of art that you’ve created.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the question.
You can simply export notes in the Markdown format from Notion, then import them to Inkdrop from the menu:

  • File → Import → from Markdown files…

It does not support importing tags, status, or created date from the exported md files, unfortunately.

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Hi Takuya, Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for late reply. I was able to do that. Honestly, your app is one of the things that make me driven towards my goals, really enjoying the experience so far. Thanks for your amazing work and fantastic customer support.

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Thanks for your kind words! I’ll keep it improving :smiley: