Migrating from Notion.so was a breeze

I finally finished my personal evaluation of Inkdrop as a replacement for Notion and am very pleased.

A few motivations I had for switching:

  • Notion was trying to add a lot of functionality (which is great!) but it slowed the app down. Startup time was very long, and UI interactions very tedious.
  • Notion stored all data in proprietary format, did not have an API, and was not “hackable” with plugins.
  • Now with Inkdrop I have already made 2 private plugins very easily, and will make a few more.
  • The basic functionality of Inkdrop is great, and it works well on my Android phone to take notes and reference them later.
  • Creating and adding plugins to modify Inkdrop behaviour is really simple–I have 9+ years experience in webapp design, so that helps make it easier for me :joy:
  • I really love that @craftzdog is so active on the forum–it’s important to know your voice is heard.
  • I really love that @craftzdog turns down so many features. Having the core functionality really solid is the most important thing, especially when it’s so easy to make plugins.
  • It is very important to me that I be able to export my data easily, into a format that I can ingest with other services. The current export is not enough, but that’s okay because plugins are easy to make to add more functionality!
  • I definitely like that the backups are simple JSON files–with Notion there was no way to make a backup. If it’s ever lost… :wave: I actually have a cronjob that watches the backup folder and does a git commit if there are changes (to a private encrypted git repo).

Anyway, I just wanted to say that Inkdrop is great, and I think your priorities are spot on. :clap:


For anyone else migrating from Notion, I made a plugin that will handle importing their format correctly, preserving tags and status: https://github.com/saibotsivad/inkdrop-import-notion-markdown

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Hi Tobias,

Thanks a lot for dropping lines! Great to know you switched from Notion.
I would like to let you know the draft version of the next roadmap:


As you can see, the export feature is planned to be greatly improved.
Your plugin is awesome! It would be so helpful for others if you published on ipm XD

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Hi. It seems this plug in is no longer available? I can’t install it to ink drop. I’ve tried importing my notion MD but the formatting is way off

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