Menu Item Rendering Problem on Ubuntu 18.04


thanks for your work!
Just a minor bug I encounter on my Ubuntu 18.04.

There seems to be an issue with the font rendering for the menu entries:
Menu Bar Artifacts

There are small artifacts e.g. when you look at the “Move to Notebook” entry. Not sure what causes that but happens throughout all menus (also right-click context menu), don’t encounter it in vscode or other electron apps.

Maybe it is solved when upgrading to electron@2.x as they have improved the gtk integration:

(Or it is an issue caused by the set font?)


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Hi Andi,

Thank you for the report.
I confirmed that and It seems to be an Electron’s problem.
Currently upgrading it to @2.0.0 has a problem where theme doesn’t work.
So it would take for a while but I’ll work on it!

v3.25.0 is based on Electron@3 which supports GTK3, so the problem should be fixed.
Thanks for the report!

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Yep looks great now :+1:

Thanks for checking!

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